Friday, December 22, 2006

Current News

Welcome to the Elsinore Productions homepage! Right now, we are in pre-production for our first feature film, "Shimmer," scheduled to shoot Fall 2007. Since we will not be holding formal casting calls, anyone interested in reading for a part should send a current headshot and resume to We are planning to cast one-on-one for each of the parts to avoid cattle calls. Shimmer is a thematically arranged film about relationships/sexual dysfunction and how these couples interact. Very much in the vein of Andres Dubus/David Lynch.

We have just begun production on our documentary, A Ghost Inside Us, that focuses on the whole phenomenon of ghost hunting and the quest to validate the existence of a spirit. It's going very well and the material is quite exciting. Early marketing analysis indicates this will be a doc most people will want to watch. I hope to have it finished by November to enter for next year's 2008 SXSW Film Festival.

In other news, I have been producing a 110-page graphic novel titled "Far West." This is a story set in a North America prior to European invasion--one full of the mythical elements and creatures of Indian lore. The story follows the Inuit Okoye as he journeys to find a mythical land of plenty. Along the way, he encounters cannibals, warring tribes, and a Lakota named Anapo who has been bred to destroy. The script is already finished, and we are currently developing the art. Here's the first scene (Okoye attacking a spirit in the form of a giant polar bear who has returned to attack his village):

Otherwise, we still have two other projects in development: "Astronomy," the story of an alternate reality and an astronaut on a mission gone horribly wrong, and "She Brightly," the tale of a cheating wife looking for redemption in all the wrong places. The Elsinore Productions produced site, Austin Film Guerilla ( has also turned up the heat and is now featuring Guerilla News spots on KOOP Radio ( on 91.7fm, and I have just started writing a regular film column for Austin Wide Open magazine ( AFG promises to just get bigger and bigger.

Stay tuned for more info and news. See you at this year's SXSW. Cheers!

Rich Newman
Elsinore Productions

Thursday, March 16, 2006

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