Friday, January 30, 2009

2009--The Outlook is Great...

Well, it's the new year and we at Elsinore Productions are hard at it! My newly released book, Cinematic Game Secrets (Focal Press), is on the shelf and three--count 'em three--more books are currently in production:

Guerilla Film Secrets is my new book chocked full of guerilla filmmaking skills, tips, and knowledge. We're not talking about film theory, or people telling you what you should do to make your low-budget movie. This book is about how to shoot your low-budget movie. Anyone can tell you to get free actors, write a script that takes place in nearby locations, and to avoid special effects. This book is about getting dirty, building and making what you need, and getting the job done. Should hit shelves late this year.

Haunted Memphis is my second book and is the culmination of working with the Paranormal Inc team and shooting our first feature documentary Ghosts of War. It's a 250-page, crammed full book of haunted locations, weird history, and information for ghost hunting in general. Read about infamous places like the Woodruff Fontaine house, the Hunt-Phelan home, or the legendary Brinkley Female College ghost story. This book will be dropping this summer.

Lastly, I have compiled a listing of over 1000 hauntings across the United States for my book The Ghost Hunters Field Guide to Haunted Locations. There are listings for every state--and every location is accessible to you, the budding ghost hunter! More information regarding this title's release will be forthcoming.

On the film front, we are in the final month of shooting our documentary about haunted Civil War sites called Ghosts of War. We are down to our last major location--but we can't seem to decide which we really want it to be! We're looking at the Harney mansion in Missouri, the Myrtles plantation in Louisiana, and Cedar Grove in Vicksburg, MS. Whichever we go with, you can bet it will be good! Our other eight locations have paid off in spades. Other than that, we are looking at a couple days for pickup shots and reshoots. When I return from speaking at the SXSW Interactive Festival, I will be diving headlong into editing to get us a summer release.

Stay tuned as we have lots more planned for this year on the film front: A narrative feature, a second documentary, and (most likely) a new short for the Elsinore Productions catalog.

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