Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ahh...a new chapter in the history of Elsinore Productions has just begun... We are now officially located in Memphis, Tennessee and are now moving into the year's slate as we speak. Now that I have finished my book on cinematic game design for Focal Press, I have the extra time I need for pre-production. The plan is to get a new short out fairly quick to make the festival rounds: Right now I'm trying to decide between Schism, FM, or Quietus--three short scripts that have been floating around the ether for some time--then I will move on into pre-production for the feature Shimmer.

Though we have mentioned Shimmer a few times already, it was obvious after several reads that the script needed an additional element. I wrote/edited the script again and now feel that the story has been developed enough to proceed. Early reads have gotten a better reception and I'm comfortable now to at least begin casting. We found our locations quite early on and I wrote a lot of the scenes based on these locations, so it just remains to get the cast and crew up and running.

On other fronts, we have shot about sixteen hours of footage for the documentary A Ghost Inside Us and it now remains to go into a lengthy editing session...oh, boy... We have been toying with the idea of generating interest in our ghost-hunting documentary by shooting a small online series called Paranormal Inc. This will get the name out there and hopefully generate enough hits through viral marketing to create a high visibility of the film.

Lastly, we have gotten absolutely nowhere new in regards to the graphic novel Far West. Lack of publishing contacts and pitches has stalled us out. So, it looks like the graphic novel will have to wait 'til winter. Alas...

If you're interested in casting for the short or feature and are located in Austin, Memphis, or Missouri (preferably Southeast), feel free to blast us your headshot and resume to info@elsinoreproductions.com. Cheers!

Posted by: Rich Newman