Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 Summer Update

With our film Ghosts of War going into post-production, I will be looking at a couple new projects for the fall. In the book realm, I am currently finishing my book for Llewellyn Publishing, The Ghost Hunters Field Guide to Haunted Locations. It is scheduled for a 2010 release (more on that later). Once that is out the door, I will continue writing about guerilla filmmaking, finish my Haunted Memphis book and possibly concentrating more on fiction work.

On the film/video front, I am currently in the process of adapting a story by H.P. Lovecraft into a short feature film (approx. one hour in length). Once I finish clawing my way through the legal mire that is the Lovecraft's copyrights/estate, I will know for sure whether or not I can proceed with this project. That said, I have a couple scripts of my own that may have to be used instead (this is in addition to the ever-in-development project Shimmer).

Ghosts of War, as I mentioned above, is now officially in post-production and I plan to have the final cut of the movie ready for October 1st and a Halloween release. That said, we plan to limit the release to local screenings at this point (one each in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois) to get some feedback and to repay the locations that allowed us to shoot with a fund-raiser screening of the film. I hope to get a television premiere of the film for the winter and a DVD release in early 2010 (come on networks, drop me a line...).

At this point, though, I'd like to thank everyone who made the movie possible and worked with us to get the film finished. First off, thanks to the locations in the movie: The Eldred House, the Harney Mansion, Octagon Hall, Magnolia Manor, and the Deason House. Second of all, thanks to our sponsors: Flip Video, Ghost Augustine U.S.A., and Digital Dowsing. I also want to thank the other members of Paranormal Inc, Mike Uelsmann and Brandon Delrosa, for their production help and for investigating each of the locations and getting killer evidence of the hauntings there. And finally some miscellaneous thank you's: Sullivan Journal (press), Haunted Times Magazine (press), Jim Taylor (for his wonderful and authentic music that is featured in the film), and the Memphis & Shelby County Film Commission (assistance with locations, permits, etc).

Stay tuned for upcoming screenings of Ghost of War, as well as more information regarding the general release and premiere of the movie. Cheers!