Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Black Magick Goes Hollywood - 2 New Projects!

So this post is about good news, bad news, and more good news.  The good news:  Black Magick has been noticed--and picked up--by a production company in La La Land.  This is good because they will have a much bigger budget to spend on the film than we would have--but with it comes the knowledge that we will no longer be shooting the movie here in Memphis!  Unless of course, the script languishes in development and the rights revert back to me--something that does happen on a regular basis, but can't happen for Black Magick for 22 more months.  That is the bad news (if you can really call it bad).  But this brings us to more good news...

We are officially announcing two new feature film projects.  The first is titled Far From the Evening and it will be shot Dec 2011 thru Feb 2012.  This film is being developed with the good folks at IFC who have been chiming in with their two cents--and we've been listening!  Since IFC would be a great place to end up for distribution, we are developing and shooting the movie with them in mind.  We are actively seeking crew positions for this shoot--as well as casting very soon--so stay tuned for most postings in the near future concerning this production.  Here is the official description of the movie:

After eleven years in prison, Lester Hall is going home.  Journeying by river from Cairo, Illinois to Memphis, Tennessee, Hall confronts a world that has passed him by.  Guided by a fate that seems inescapable, Hall confronts the ghosts of his past crimes, a family that's suspended in time, and an ex-fiance that he's dreamed of killing for the past decade.

As for the second project, it is titled The Mighty Winter and it will go into production mid-to-late 2012--though I will be shooting B-roll for the film as early as this November in the Smoky Mountains.  With a longer development time--and most likely production schedule as well--this is a much more ambitious project as it will incorporate VFX and more unique locations.  Here is the official description:

Daring the harsh nuclear winter, Finn searches for the ultimate piece of old world tech--a means to unite the remnants of humanity.  Guided only by a pre-war journal and the writings of the Eddas, Finn's quest will take him through poisonous environs, the shattered remains of civilization, and the wilds of the Great Smoky Mountains.  An area now inhabited by the feral descendants of the Appalachians.

More information about Far From the Evening and The Mighty Winter coming soon!