Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paranormal Inc and Shimmer

Well, the production for our online/television series Paranormal Inc. is in full swing! With one investigation under our belt and another kicking off this weekend, we are on schedule to complete our first season of the show. The intent is to use the online version to sell the network version--and so far we are, indeed, getting noticed. You can keep up with the show and the investigations on the program's website:

My first HD feature film Shimmer is also now in full swing. I have lined out the licensing for the movie's music, hired the major crew members in Memphis, and am now casting the major roles. The film will be shooting in Memphis and Austin over the late summer and early fall. We are trying to make the cutoff for the early 2009 film festivals. Don't forget that if you want to read for Shimmer, to send a current headshot to me at

As far as my graphic novel Far West goes, the script and text has been completed. I am now putting together a sample chapter for my trip to the publishers. And speaking of first book, Cinamatic Game Secrets is now completed and turned in to the publisher (Focal Press). That will be hitting the shelves in October. If you are a game developer (or a filmmaker thinking of getting into the game development arena), a student, or simply a creative director/producer who wants greater immersion in your game, pick up a copy this fall! Cheers!

Posted by Rich Newman