Monday, June 23, 2014

3 Shorts and a Long!

Before jumping into what's COMING UP, lets catch up on Blackburn.  With two more weekends of shooting approaching, the short version of Blackburn will be finished and ready to hit the horror film festival circuit.  We are hoping to generate some monetary interest in the feature length version of the film by doing this--or to at least partner with a co-production company to complete the feature.  But once that is finished...

Elsinore Productions will be producing three short films July through September--each a unique story/project, each for specific markets and film festivals.  Here they are:


A horror version of the show Survivorman.  Terrance Shaw is ex-military, a survivalist, and videographer.  Now in the second season of his show Hunterman, Shaw decides to take on the mysterious legends surrounding an area of the Appalachians known as 'the Fells.'  But the show goes awry when the tales turn out to be more truth than fiction.


Based on the short story by Orson Scott Card (and being shot with his permission), Quietus is the story of one man's death and what it takes for him to cross over to the other side.


When insurance adjuster Peter Cain finds his mistress dead in her apt, his only clues are a fresh tattoo, an isolated mailbox that belongs to no one, and an antique ice pick that disappears with the dawn.  All seems lost until he sees another woman at the mysterious mailbox...and he is drawn into her world as well.

As for the long mentioned in the title...  A feature film is in the works for this winter, but all we can say is that it will be a supernatural thriller, it will be shot in Memphis, Tennessee, and it will be awesome!

So remember to send us your headshots/resumes, actors ( check back for more updates on what we are shooting.  Cheers!